Useful, Everyday Tools Built By Linchpin

Browse our toolbox for useful tools such as IP and whois lookups, one-time-use secrets, deployment tools through Github actions, and links to many of our open source projects.

Informational Tools

IP LookupWhat’s my IP?

Get your IP address and other helpful information with a simple click.

Get My IP

psst! Share a Secret

Have information to share with your team? Use our psst! service to share a password protected, one-time-use message.

Share a Secret

WhoIs Lookup Whols Domain Lookup

Quickly gather useful information about a specific domain.

Get Domain Info

Linchpin Site Crawler Site Crawler

Coming soon!

Have a suggestion for a useful tool? Reach out – we’d love to help!

Github Actions

Automate your own workflows using some of our Github actions.


Slack Notification

Send a Slack message to a specific channel when a build starts, succeeds, or fails.

This is a great action to add to any build. It keeps you, your team, and your clients notified when builds are happening.

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WooCommerce Product Updates

Automatically update a WooCommerce downloadable product and/or variation with the latest version and other meta information of a “release” within github a github project

This is useful for automated releases of premium plugins that use WooCommerce for downloads.

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Gulp, Grunt

Build npm or Yarn Projects with gulp, grunt or gulp.babel

This action will utilize either Yarn or npm to install dependencies from your package.json and will additionally run grunt or gulp tasks in order to build your theme or plugin during your workflow.

The action looks for the inclusion of a gruntfile.js gulpfile,.js or gulpfile.babel.js file in order to determine whether to use yarn or npm.

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Deploy to WP Engine

This GitHub Action deploys your theme or plugin in GITHUB_WORKSPACE to a WP Engine install via Git Push.

Love WordPress? Love WP Engine and want to take advantage of their git deployment but need to have more flexibility to deploy multiple repos? This script will assist you in automatically deploying WordPress plugins and themes to WP Engine .git deployment using Codeship or other deployment services.

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